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Diving Into Sim-Racing

I had hoped to ease into the world of sim-racing with a generously donated racing-wheel setup. But things seldom turn out like you plan.

Dead of Winter

I was in Portland recently and found this little gem at Cloud Cap Games. My brother in law (who is a certified horror-movie expert) thought I might like this and we tried one of the expanded versions last fall at SHUX. My game collection is getting a little unwieldy and it’s definitely time to thinContinue reading “Dead of Winter”

Back to Pedalboards

A few years ago I made a tectonic-sized shift away from the classic guitar-pedals-amp setup and bought a Kemper profiling amp. It turned out to be one of the best gear purchases I’ve ever made and it continues to delight me every time I play it. It has worked particularly well both for recording andContinue reading “Back to Pedalboards”