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This is my third (fourth?) iteration of blogging. Previous attempts were always focused around cultivating a display of expertise in some particular topic (software, guitars, etc.) But over time, it just turned into work, so I always ended up shutting them down in the end.

But after awhile I realized I had things I wanted to write about, regardless of whether or not anyone really wants to read about it or not. I just felt like saying something again.

So here I am in my late forties, rapidly losing my ability give a shit about what anyone thinks of my interests and hobbies, giving this blogging thing another go. The difference this time is that I don’t have an agenda. Hell, I don’t even really have a topic of focus other than things that are most closely associated with my current obsessions: cars, music and board-games.

Me pushing my hot-hatch around a track for giggles

The car thing started out innocently enough a few years ago. A friend made an offhand remark that he had gotten into Formula 1 racing. I always thought I could get into that too, if only I knew a little more. Two hours and several beers later he laid the whole sport out for me.

The next day I watched my first F1 race and was hit like a bolt of lightning: WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE?? Watching F1 races led to watching to rally. Which led to taking driving classes at Dirtfish, which led to getting my own car and learning to drive it on the track at high speeds. So yeah, somehow I became a “car guy” when I least suspected it.

Rock and roll!

I’ve written about guitars before, with my abortive attempt at making a business around guitar lessons. I’ve learned that such entrepreneurial pursuits aren’t really my bag (which why I’ll be a working stiff until I retire), but I do love playing the instrument and getting better at it—even after 30+ years of playing.

Twilight Imperium 4 ed — feel the heft, feel the nerdery

I have loved board-games since I was a kid. I remember playing D&D with my gang of neighborhood games during its peak in the 80s. Not long after we discovered Squad Leader and I’ve been a game-nerd ever since.

These days, we are living in the so-called “golden age of board-games”, where the sheer quality and quantity of games has reached an all-time high. My wife will be the first to tell you that we have too many games. I say bollocks—not possible.

Board-games has led to other pursuits in nearby areas such as a return to RPGs and, geekiest of all, miniature painting. It wasn’t until I returned to these hobbies that I realized how much I missed them.

So that’s how we ended up here, hopefully having something to say without it feeling like a chore—back to blogging.

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