Dead of Winter

$25 for a “used” copy that has never actually been played? Yes please.

I was in Portland recently and found this little gem at Cloud Cap Games. My brother in law (who is a certified horror-movie expert) thought I might like this and we tried one of the expanded versions last fall at SHUX.

My game collection is getting a little unwieldy and it’s definitely time to thin the herd a bit, but I couldn’t resist this one. I mean, $25 for this little gem in near-mint condition? How could I pass that up?

I’m not really a horror fan per se. I’ve never watched The Walking Dead and mostly sort of dabble in the genre. But I do love me some horror games, especially ones with delicious mix of cooperative play tinged with betrayal and hidden agendas.

Last year I picked up a copy of Who Goes There?, which is based on the book of the same name that inspired The Thing. It’s a game with a lot of mechanics, but does a pretty good job of capturing the cooperative/paranoia that pervades the novella and Carpenter film.

Dead of Winter has more straightforward mechanics than Who Goes There? and also has this intriguing “crossroads” card mechanism that promises to keep the game highly replayable. I haven’t gotten it out on the table yet, but am very eager to. Stay tuned…

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